Things to Take into Account with Country Clubs

Many golfers think of a golf country club sometime, specifically those who have made it a hobby already. Those who play on a regular basis are attracted to join a club as they know that many high-level golfers play at some of the best clubs. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to think of with regards to joining a club.

The most important thing is to establish what you actually want from your gold experience. Country club fees are somewhat expensive so it must be one worthwhile investment. Spend time to check the review of the golf course if it is worth the pricey fees. Remember that you have two fees to pay - the initiation fee that you pay for becoming a member and the dues that you pay on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Some scottsdale golf club could not have initiation fees but you are expected to be sponsored by a club member. Aside from this, you might pay slightly higher fees so make sure to find out the other services being offered. They may have sports facilities and amenities that you can benefit with the fees that you will pay. Once you are truly dedicated to the game and you like to play on a regular basis, it is best to have a club membership for a better golfing experience.

If you play at a country club, it means that you will be playing in an area that is less clogged than public courses where many beginners often play. Usually, the play is also faster and tee times can even be reserved. The courses are maintained properly, which makes it ideal, especially in building business connections.

However, there are some downsides also when regards to a scottsdale private golf club. It significantly involves money as you will not just have to pay hefty fees, but you will pay for extras also like carts. Some courses do not consent patrons to walk on the green while they are obliged of a minimum spending like in the club restaurant.

In some point, you could be asked to contribute for social functions. It is important also in clubs to provide tips, such as for the caddies and the staff that includes the people who work in the lockers. An additional consideration will be the monthly fees you need to pay even if it is winter. You will continue to be charged as well with your dues irrespective of the weather condition or if you cannot play due to a certain reason.

The country club experience is not aimed for one and all. However, the bottom line is, when you are an avid golfer and you can afford the expenses, joining a country club can give you a better golfing game and a meaningful experience.